About Bunkercoin

Bunkercoin, a new cryptocurrency! Made as a joke and for fun. It is a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, although it does not use SHA256 as its proof of work (POW). Taking development cues from Dogecoin and Bitcoin, Bunkercoin currently employs a simplified variant of the Scrypt algorithm. The block time is currently set to 60 seconds (1 minute if your can't count) and the difficulty retarget is calculated by DigiShield. You can find more info about it at the DigiByte documentation.

There can be infinate bunkercoin. Each subsequent block will grant a random amount of coins to encourage miners to continue to secure the network and make up for lost wallets on hard drives/lost encryption passwords/etc. The block rewards are fixed and halve every 100,000 blocks. Starting with the 600,000th block, a permanent reward of 10,000 Bunkercoin per block will be paid. To learn more about the current block reward schedule, check out the GitHub page.

If you want to help the Bunkercoin project, you can: